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Staging Outdoor Living

ELIZABETHAPRIL 15, 2014 What bird’s appearance means spring is really here?? For us it’s the robin red breast and we had our first sighting on Monday morning! It’s been a tough winter here in New York! If you haven’t experienced the cold here, we can only describe it as aggressive. Spring has finally sprung and […]

Conquering Clutter

ELIZABETHJUNE 11, 2014 De-cluttering your home is the first and the most important step in preparing a house for house for sale. De-cluttering and organizing a house is essential to attracting buyers. While taking up lots of space in a home, clutter can also be harmful to the environment. Rooms filled with clutter tend to […]

Staging with Artwork

Picture arranging is always one of those “arts” that either you’re good at or not. It does take a “good eye” to see how principles of design, relate to displaying art. Principles like, balance, scale, proportion, color, rhythm, and more, are as important to displaying art as they are to painting the art. Look at […]

Understanding the “millennial homebuyer”

ELIZABETHMARCH 24, 2015   Spring and all its glory is right around the corner! Just take a look at the signs all around you! Budding flowers, chirping birds and “For Sale” signs that start popping up on lawns across the country as the weather starts heating up. One of the most effective strategies of home […]