Conquering Clutter


De-cluttering your home is the first and the most important step in preparing a house for house for sale. De-cluttering and organizing a house is essential to attracting buyers.

While taking up lots of space in a home, clutter can also be harmful to the environment. Rooms filled with clutter tend to collect dust, which reduces air quality and leads to more indoor pollution. If you are selling a home remember CLUTTER EATS EQUITY AND IS A DISTRACTION!


After years of living in a home many of us are faced with clutter that we have accumulated over the years and may feel overwhelmed on where to start to get rid of it all. Don’t fret, we have some great tips to help and guide you.

Let’s face it de-cluttering is not a fun task but when you are done you will feel so much better? So where do we start?

We recommend not to try to do it all in one day, you will only get tired, frustrated and feel overwhelmed. Do what is easy first so that you feel a sense of accomplishment and get the ball rolling. Look around the room, perhaps there is a pile of mail or clothes that have been sitting there for sometime that you need to sort through, start there. Enlist family members. This is a big job, so recruit help. It’s also wise to have family members present so that everyone who has input on what stays and what goes is immediately available.

71-2Next get rid of items that have gone ignored for years, as they likely serve no practical purpose in the home. This includes old newspapers and magazines as well as any other items that are likely to sit in a pile or on a shelf for months end. Often items have sat so long that we have become blind to them. Also, get rid of things that are broken that you planned on fixing but never found the time.

Ok now it is time to hit the closet and dresser draws. Closets should not be packed to the brim and hangers should be able to move freely. Get rid of or donate old clothes that no longer fit or have gone out of style. This will free up space in closets and dressers. Keep in mind that we are selling space not your things. Your things will distract buyers from seeing the space. Homes with busy and cluttered closets convey lack of storage space.

Pack up personal collectibles like Hummel figurines, Norman Rockwell Plates, Beer Bottle caps, etc. You get the idea. These things are great but we want buyers to notice and remember the beautiful features of the house not your collectibles.

Clutter Emergency Card

  • How long has it been since I used this?
  • Do I like it?
  • Does it work properly? – Is it broken?
  • Do I have more of this kind of thing? How many do I need?
  • If I keep this, what will I get rid of to make room for it?
  • Can I locate this information somewhere else (probably on the Internet) if I need it?

Here are some tips to de-clutter specific areas or rooms in the house.


65The Entryway is the portal of passage between home and the outer world. For the family, it’s the place from which they launch themselves each day and hit the road; for buyers and visitors, it’s the place where they form their first impression of the house that lies behind the front door.

Focus on floors. In the entryway, the outside meets the inside and brings plenty of mud and moisture with it. Place entrance mats on both sides of the door to trap tracked-in dirt and rainwater before it hits your clean house.

Clear clutter regularly and keep on top of it so it doesn’t accumulate. Family comings and goings tend to deposit mail, paperwork, newspapers, magazines, library books, broken items and extra clothing at the door. Schedule regular STOP clutter sessions in the entryway.



63-2Bathrooms should be pristine.No one wants to walk into a dirty cluttered bathroom. Potential buyers are going to open up your medicine cabinet so throw out any expired medications, cleansers, and makeup. Replace old worn towels with new plush white ones. If your bathroom has turned into a library and you have a collection of magazines or newspapers get rid of them as well.



Dining Room

Clutter is a distractionDining Room tables tend to turn into the spot where you put everything you don’t feel like putting away at the moment or don’t have room for. Clear the table and throw out or pack up what you don’t need or use. If you have an outdated tablecloth on the table take it off. If your glass-fronted cabinets are overcrowded, pack up 50% of visible content.



Clarity & elegance!




Remove as much as you can. Bedrooms can reveal too much information about the owner. We want buyers to feel free to linger in the room not feel like they are imposing on someone’s personal space. Only keep 1 or 2 personal photos and clear your surfaces. If you have exercise equipment in the room remove it.



Cluttered kitchen


Kitchens are the most important room of the house. They are often the hub of the house and a hotspot for clutter. Calendars, lists, sports schedules, coupons, magnets, children’s school work and throw rugs all clutter the kitchen and can make it seems smaller.

Neat and clean kitchenRemove all that you can from kitchen counters and clear out as much as possible. Take magnets, receipts and calendars off the fridge, un-tape notes from walls, remove items like cereal boxes on top of the fridge. The goal is to make the kitchen seem spacious and not crowded. Buyers want to imagine themselves entertaining and enriching families and friend. Every kitchen, no matter how small, can be efficient and clutter free. By eliminating the items you don’t use or need you immediately free up space.




Organizing and cleaning playrooms can be very frustrating! We have all spend time over and over again cleaning and organizing these rooms to discover it only takes your children seconds to turn the room upside down again. Unfortunately while your house is on the market we have to do our best to keep this room clean, organized and clutter free. Start by going through all toys. Sell any toys that your children have outgrown on Craigslist for a few extra dollars or donate to charity. is like Craigslist, but all of the items are free. It is great! There are chapters all over the country. Essentially you can post items on there for donation OR you can post items that you are seeking. Now get rid of any broken toys, odd Lego pieces, Barbie shoes & clothes, broken crayons and finally the stuffed animals. Downsize the overabundance of toys. While your house is on the market use bins and keep them at child height level for children so it’s easy for them to help clean up. Store Games on a closet shelf and only bring down what they need to keep from loosing pieces.

69How you live in a house normally and how you live in a house while it is on he market is a completely different. Try to live a like a minimalist and keep things orderly, you will thank yourself come moving day. De-cluttering your home will help you to get the best return for your home.




70We wish you a fast and profitable sale of your home. For more information and tips on how to prepare your property for sale visit our website

Can we strike a balance between harbouring garbage that impedes and oppresses, and encouraging a creative muddle? If we can, the future of our homes might be one in which we cultivate certain types of disorder. Interior design could then become less prescriptive, instead focusing on what we do with our time, which is, after all, our most precious commodity.

As one perceptive individual asked: “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” And we are not one to argue with Einstein!