Kitchen Styling

Kitchen Styling

  HOW MUCH time do you and your family really spend in the kitchen?   mother-family-kitchen

 The kitchen is the hub of the house and I am sure that this describes a typical scene in your kitchen as it is in ours.  The kids are doing homework and eating snacks while I am cooking dinner and my husband is going through today’s mail and reading the newspaper, oh lets not forget the dog, he is here too.   It is always busy in here.  After a long drab winter of being inside the kitchen is a mess!

Spring is finally here and it’s the perfect time to give your kitchen a fresh, new look. A kitchen should be an inviting, bright ray of sunshine in the house. To revive your kitchen you don’t need to break the bank. By simply adding a few accessories in vibrant colors to key areas in your kitchen, you can achieve just the right touch of spring and summer.  Think out of the box and accessorize your kitchen for spring with a colorful statement!

The island is usually the focal point in the kitchen. It’s a great gathering place for entertaining and a perfect place for adding accessories. The countertops are also good spots for additions to help your kitchen stand out.


Here are some stylish tips to rejuvenate your kitchen space!

  • Select two or three different size vases in colors that will accentuate the neutral colors already in your kitchen. Vibrant colors of orange, turquoise, citron or coral are beautiful for spring. Add your choice of flowers or green plants (fresh or faux) to vases. If using clear or white vases, be sure to use spring color flowers to add a burst of excitement.
  • Use glass hurricanes or pillar holders with candles in various sizes to easily transfer a countertop to an elegant table for a candle light dinner.
  • Add a plate rack with colorful plates or small photo frames to create a unique style of your own.
  • You can also get creative by placing decorative bowls in bold colors as a centerpiece on your table or countertop.
  • Remember the rule of multiples when accessorizing your counter space; always group items in odd numbers (1,3,5,7.) It is much more pleasing to the eye.

Here’s a list of important staple accessories to adorn your kitchen

Pick and choose what works best in your Cucina!

  Utensil Holders  

utelsil red

They are a must – you can save some drawer space, the utensils you need should be reachable, and adds a touch of color to your counter space.


kit can   

     These add color and dimension to a counter top.



Kitchen Styling

        Spoon Rests, Spice Jars, Plates, & Baskets




A must! Plenty of colors and sizes available to choose from.



 Dish Racks

Simplehuman dish racks are the best. You can always go with the drying mats if you don’t have counter space.

Paper Towel Holder  


Great to have on the counter for easy access especially during a spill.





clock 2

Trivets, Dish towels, Aprons, Tea Pots, S & P Shakers, Kitchen Clocks, Wall Hooks, Door Knobs and Switch Plates.


All of the above come in so many colors and fun designs which will add pizazz and uniqueness to your kitchen.