Pillow Talk


Pillows are a major part of our home décor. Whether you are staging your home for sale or looking for a trendy and refreshing update, pillows are the answer for your design needs and dollar!

These days, even the most diehard constant redecorators and home stagers are looking for ways to keep their interiors constantly fresh without breaking the bank. Paint, of course, is one inexpensive way to inexpensively overhaul a space – but it’s not the only option.

If you’re in desperate need of a new look, but just don’t have much of a budget, consider focusing on your pillows. They’re fairly inexpensive and, in a pinch, pretty easy to make on your own. Go with wild patterns, bright colors or flat-out trendy styles to give your home an updated look.

Sometimes pillows really are practical. We’ve sat on one too many hard-but-pretty chairs – these throw pillows don’t just add color, they also protect the tush!  When the softness of the foam and the beautiful designs with bright colors of the covers is combined together, it surely makes a comfortable pillow!

Pillows add the desired looks to your beds, sofas or even a simple wooden chair. They’re not a big commitment like furniture or lighting; you don’t have to be afraid to change them often. In fact, you’ll want to – that’s the point!


Here are some creative tips to WOW that couch, bed or chair – – take a look!

Rule of Thumb

There are two types of combinations you can use to adorn your chairs or couches. When the cushions are plain, the pillows should be decorative and when the cushions are heavily patterned, the pillows should be plain. These ideas definitely add the elements of style and elegance to the rooms in which these pillows are displayed.

Pillow Covers  pillow7   

Update the look of your home seasonally with new pillow covers. It’s the quickest way to give your home a makeover. They are inexpensive and washable.  Most pillow covers have zipper closures, so you can put lighter-colored pillow covers on your existing pillows for a fresh look. Just store your fall and winter pillow covers flat in the linen closet. Choose lighter weight silks with a slight sheen to capture the light and add sparkle to your room. Have fun with textured covers such as faux fur that convey so much warmth.


What’s Hot Now!

The hottest new pillows are the versatile rectangular shape, referred as “lumbar” pillows. They can be used in so many ways, to add back support to children and petite people, to add a pop of color to a chair, or placed against each arm of your couch. Layer them in front of larger, square pillows in the corner of your sectional, banquet seating or daybed. Add one in front of pillow shams to give your beds different dimension and decorative look.

Designers combine different fabrics, shapes and sizes for a layered look. You can achieve this yourself by mixing florals, stripes, textures and solid-colored pillows. Traditional themes feature pairs, balance and symmetry, but modern and contemporary décor is known for odd numbers and more eclectic look. Steer away from the “matchy-matchy” syndrome, and build a collection of different fabrics to add color personality to your home. Pull colors from artwork, or wall color and unify your décor with fabrics that reflect them.


pillow 14

Pillow Number & Placement

When decorating with throw pillows, the 2-2-1 ratio works fabulous. This concept accomplishes sensational results. Start with two square pillows of one size and pattern on the ends, two smaller pillows in a different pattern next to them and finally one jazzy rectangular pillow for the center. The graduated sizing creates height drama, while the contrasting patterns and colors add whimsy. It’s especially effective when one fabric sets the stage and the others are chosen with its color palette in mind. This styling secret will spruce up your sofa or bed quickly, easily and affordably.


     Shape & Sizepillow 8

Vary the shape and size of throw pillows. Squares should be 18 to 24 inches across, large enough to showcase a solid color or pattern. Oblongs are a nice mix and are less expected. Add a contrasting shape or size into a pillow arrangement for added drama. Large pillows can make a statement in a space, choose one with fringe or trim and create a wow factor!


Put a decorative basket or bin in the room for holding accent pillows when not in use. For example, set a wicker basket behind the couch to toss pillows in while entertaining. Or hide pillows when not needed and place underneath the bed. The storage area keeps pillows fresh and clean.

basket 2