Real Estate Staging Association Convention 2014


What a way to kick off the year with the RESA HOME STAGING CONVENTION 2014 in Las Vegas! Fabulous!

Luisa and I flew down to Las Vegas to attend the Annual RESA Convention at the Treasure Island Hotel & Casino. RESA is the trade association for the Real Estate Staging Industry in the USA. Whether you’re a home stager, re-designer, or related real estate professional, RESA welcomes you regardless of your training or designation. Their goal is to advance professionalism in the home staging industry and offer their members amazing opportunities for continuing education and discounts with our vendor partners book 2that can help your business.

RESA executive staff Shell Brodnax and Kathy Nielsen put together an awesome three-day agenda filled with star studded speakers like Real Estate Mogul Barbara Corcoran, HGTV stars Lisa Vail, Steven Aaron, Kimberley Seldon, and who could forget Matthew Finlason! If that wasn’t enough we had Christine Rae, home staging expert along with Kristie Barnett, Decoroloist, Terry Watson, motivational speaker and Katie Lance, Social Media Expert. Shell also put her two cents in and gave a powerful presentation on how to fuel your fire and follow the “Cowgirl Creed”! YEE HAA!

Barbara Corcoran & Shell Brodnax

We also had a wonderful line up of workshops including “A Team Approach” to Staging: Getting Referred Business from Organizers & Realtors given by Bernadette Finn, Jean Marie Herron and Maria Rini. As a matter of fact, Bernadette Finn, owner of The Flaim Group in New Jersey was nice enough to offer to run the workshop in NYC! We are so excited and looking forward to her workshop so she can share her knowledge with us!

Bernadette Flaim, Jean Marie Herron & Maria Rini

The Las Vegas Market was also a highlight for those who had the time to run through three buildings with floors and floors of fresh new products and ideas for home décor and furniture! Renowned designer Barclay Butera was there promoting his latest designs and book signing!

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  • Designer Barclay Butera and Design Remix Gals!
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Luisa and I were pleasantly surprised when we came across Donny Osmond Home, By Donny & Debbie Osmond promoting their company! We were thrilled to meet him and his wife! He was our teen idol, very nice man! Their line includes Home Decor, Rugs, Lighting, Furniture and much more. Visit website :‪

Donny & Debbie Osmond!

Staging and Redesign is the talk of the town! With programs like “The Stagers” and “Selling LA” on HGTV, home staging and redesign are catching on fire here on the east coast. The value of staging is vast and it’s not uncommon to overhear conversations discussing the importance of showcasing a home by telling a story and creating a life style. That’s why we were thrilled to have HGTV dream team experts Lisa Vail, Steven Aaron and Matthew Finlason on board!

Lisa Vail took center stage and gave a presentation on home and luxury staging. Lisa drew attention to some of the principals of staging in her words like telling a story, first impressions, and demographics. She gave us her expertise on the 10 must haves to achieve a successful staging. Lisa stressed, “There are no rules”. “If it works, don’t go by the rules”! I like that! According to Lisa, there is no difference between staging high-end and low-end properties. Every house is a luxury home to everybody! Visit Lisa’s fabulous work:

Elizabeth Tucker, Luisa Rizzo & Lisa Vail

Matthew Finlason is quite the character! He adorned us with his wit and techniques for marketing a home. DAIL INTO THE BUYER! Research and identify, tap into the demographic data then Install moments and target the buyer. Thank you Matthew for your stand-up show and knowledge!

Matthew Finlason, Elizabeth Tucker & Luisa Rizzo

Steven Aaron taught us about the real estate market and how it works. Steven was an interior designer before getting consumed in the real estate world. Now a broker and associate manager at Keller Williams Beverly Hills, Steven knows how to prepare a house for sale and get the best price with staging. It’s nice to know professionals like Steven support the hard work that professional stagers provide. He gave us these fundamentals; work as a team, build relationships, take charge, be proactive, be open & flexible, manage agent’s expectations, and GET IT SOLD!!!

Luisa Rizzo, Steven Aaron & Elizabeth Tucker
Christine Rae

Christine Rae is the Founder and President of the Certified Staging Professionals Training Academy. She gave a great presentation on curb appeal; “The Most Under-Valued, Over Looked Element for Market preparedness”. Christine stated that “Curb Appeal is the little black dress of staging”, and you need to know the top trends that you can put in play for your clients to generate bigger returns during their transactions. She went on to say, “Curb Appeal sets the stage-like the wrapping on a present”. “The recent global economy has entirely shifted how home sales happens – 95% of first viewings occur on the internet, with the next decision point being during the drive-by. Your client’s property has to grab those buyers in minutes – digitally. The 22% “WOO Factor™” (Window of Opportunity) needs more leverage than ever for successful staging results”.

Christine has a crystal ball and knows when something’s going to be huge. Christine sees back-yard curb appeal as a major selling factor for Baby Boomers. Tens of millions of baby boomers are going to down size over the next couple of decades. That means they will be in the market for new, more modest homes. Baby are social butterflies who use their home as a base. Creating “a vacation at home” such as peaceful back yards filled with comfortable seating, sounds of tranquil water, pleasant aromas, colorful landscapes, etc. will entice and lure these potential buyers.

With this generation presently in its peak house-buying years, they represent an enormous opportunity for any real estate salesperson. Thank you Christine for being a true visionary!

Barbara Corcoran

Barbara Corcoran of “Shark Tank” concluded the show at The 2014 RESA Convention in Las Vegas. Talk about a woman that had been scorned, turned it around and created an action plan! The result is a focused fury that gets funneled and transformed into pure motivation. WOW! She spoke about achieving success with simple rules to follow:

  • Perception creates reality
  • Shoot the dogs early
  • There’s no such thing as balance, it’s a “Phantom Chase”
  • Fun is good for business
  • I’m great at failure
  • You have the right to be there.

She went on to say “the biggest challenge in business is not the competition; it’s what goes on inside your own head”.

Thank you Barbara for supporting the Staging Industry! A true inspiration…Barbara Corcoran



RESA Convention 2014 in Las Vegas was a huge success! There’s nothing like learning, networking, and growing with our fellow stagers from all over the globe! In December’s Newsletter Barbara Brock said ” Set ONE GOAL when attending the conference. Meet one stager from another chapter; learn about business contracts or whatever…SET ONE GOAL! I’m sure we all accomplished that goal and had a successful and wonderful time! I KNOW WE DID!

Not only was our trip to Vegas educational, it was fun and so inspirational with all the exposure to designer art, decor and furniture at The World Market! We had the best of both worlds!

  • RESA-NY Chapter: Kara Woods, Elizabeth Tucker, Narin Friemann, Donna Dazzo, Luisa Rizzo & Barbara Brock
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  • Night out at The Cosmopolitan Hotel & Casino with our fellow stagers!
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  • Luisa and I with Kara Woods and NY-Chapter President Barbara Brock