At Design Remix, Inc. our experienced home stylists cannot only help to stage your home to be sold, we can also design the interior of your new home to create your desired living space.

We are experts at creating Interiors that are unique, stylish and appropriate to the personality of the homeowner or targeted to the potential buyer.


Selling a home in today’s market requires every advantage.

We can provide services to you on any level from our initial in-depth consultation for occupied homes, to our complimentary bids for vacant listings. We stage properties ranging from one-bedroom condos to luxury homes. Working as a team with the homeowner and real estate agent we provide quick and seamless results that will decrease your time on the market.


Occupied Home Consultation: Written or verbal
Occupied Home Staging with Existing Furniture and Accessories
Vacant or Model Homes
Luxury Home Staging
Investor / Developer
Interior Design