At Design Remix, Inc. our experienced home stylists cannot only help to stage your home to be sold, we can also design the interior of your new home to create your desired living space.

We are experts at creating Interiors that are unique, stylish and appropriate to the personality of the homeowner or targeted to the potential buyer.


Selling a home in today’s market requires every advantage.

We can provide services to you on any level from our initial in-depth consultation for occupied homes, to our complimentary bids for vacant listings. We stage properties ranging from one-bedroom condos to luxury homes. Working as a team with the homeowner and real estate agent we provide quick and seamless results that will decrease your time on the market.


Occupied Home Consultation: Written or verbal
We conduct a complete tour of your home taking notes and photos, concentrating on such issues as condition, presence of clutter, cleanliness, traffic flow, furniture placement, light, and use of color and space. Based on time-frame and budget we will prioritize recommendations that will result in highest return of investment and increase buyer interest. We then provide you with a detailed report of recommendations and action plan that will give you direction to make your home showcase ready. If you prefer we can provide you with a cost estimate for some or all or the staging.
Verbal “Walk and Talk” – Same as above except you take the notes and no written report is provided.
Occupied Home Staging with Existing Furniture and Accessories
After the initial consultation, you prefer us to do all or some of the staging work; this usually can be accomplished within a few of days.

Next, we will prepare an estimate for your approval, describing the scope of work, a project plan and all the associated costs, including furniture and accessories rental, if needed. Our goal is to make this as cost effective as possible by incorporating as much of your existing furnishings and accessories into the showcasing of the property.

Upon approval of the estimate the staging process begins. Prior to staging you may need to make minor repairs, painting, removing and packing certain items, or storing un-needed pieces of furniture. We then do the actual work of staging by repositioning furniture, hanging artwork and placement of decorative accessories. When we leave, your home will be Open House ready.

Vacant or Model Homes
Beautifully furnished homes show much better than empty houses, allowing prospective buyers to envision themselves living there. The result: competitive advantage, increased pricing power and faster sales!

The initial step is to view the property, discuss budget, timeframe and identify the target buyer with the goal of creating a beautifully staged home that will appeal to the largest audience.

A cost proposal will be presented for your approval describing the scope of work, a project plan and all the associated costs, including furniture and accessories rental.

Regardless of the market, home staging is an essential component of selling vacant properties.

Luxury Home Staging
Luxury Home Staging

Luxury Home Staging has a unique edge on today’s real estate market. We provide an extraordinary service to Realtor’s, Builder’s and Home Owner’s who desire to receive the maximum value for their luxury property. We start with an in-home consultation. Upon execution of our contract we custom select furniture and decor that is unique to the personality of the home that will target this elite market.

Utilizing Luxury Home Staging services will accelerate the sale of your home with the installation of our gorgeous furnishings and professional decorating expertise.

Investor / Developer
For property developers, real estate investors and flippers it is important to realize the value that home staging can bring to selling your vacant properties for more money in a quicker amount of time.

Statistics released by the National Association of Realtors show that home staging can result in 7% to 11% higher sales prices and can make a vacant home sell 80% quicker than non-staged homes.

At Design Remix, Inc. we specialize in the showcasing of vacant properties and working with real estate investors. We understand budget, timing and the importance of creating a marketable product that potential buyers will love.

One of the many ways that we can help real estate investors is by shortening their selling timeline, so that they can get their money back out of a house quickly and reduce the carrying costs before a sale. Just like every other part of the flipping process, time is money. When an investor works with us from the beginning, we’ll have a clear plan and the ability to stage as soon as the home is complete, enabling the home to look its best from day one on the market.

Design Remix, Inc. is your trusted partner for real estate success!

Our goal is to become a part of your team working along side you providing a competitive edge and strategic marketing to get properties sold faster and a more profitable sale. We offer special pricing and packages to our realtor partners who offer staging as part of their listing services.
Interior Design
We work with your personal taste recommending decorative elements for the interior of your home including color schemes, fabrics, furnishings, flooring, accessories, art and lighting to create your dream living space.
Redesign starts with using what you already and incorporating on trend accessories, decorative pillows and artwork. We will create an inviting new living space based on your style and functional needs. Think of redesign as a makeover.
We hand select the finest pieces to accent and furnish your home. We coordinate all aspects of your interior design project from conception to completion. We excel in utilizing quality assurance throughout each project to exceed all of our client’s expectations.