Staging Outdoor Living

What bird’s appearance means spring is really here?? For us it’s the robin red breast and we had our first sighting on Monday morning! It’s been a tough winter here in New York! If you haven’t experienced the cold here, we can only describe it as aggressive.


Spring has finally sprung and the day always returns when you’re caught by pleasant surprise because it’s six o’clock and the sun hasn’t set yet, or when you’re able to venture out and relax in your outdoor haven

We all know that curb appeal is the principal determinant of a buyers 1st impression. But what about back yard appeal and out door living? Remember backyard appeal is as important as curb appeal.

Especially during the spring and summer month’s potential buyers will be thinking about enjoying the yard. Having barbeques, relaxing and entertaining in their out door living spaces.


Explore your outdoor options!

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Outdoor living spaces have given a solution to this conundrum for homeowners who wish to enjoy their outdoor space more. Bring what’s comfortable inside to the outside. Bring the elements you should look at so you can successfully include your outdoors to your idea of home.

The home’s interior often takes the center stage when sprucing up to sell, but your home’s exterior gives the first impression when potential buyers arrive. A well-appointed backyard may seal the deal, whether or not the prospects are on the fence. Call off the excavators and put a total backyard makeover on hold. Simple staging techniques showcase your backyard’s best features so prospective buyers can imagine themselves enjoying the breeze with a drink in hand. Make your patio inviting and play up its best features.



Consumer demand remains strong for attractively designed residential landscapes that are perfect for entertaining and relaxing, according to the 2014 Residential Landscape Architecture Trends Survey conducted by the American Society of Landscape Architects. The survey also shows continuing popularity for both sustainable and low-maintenance design.

Landscape architects who specialize in residential design across the country were asked to rate the expected popularity of a variety of residential outdoor design elements in 2014. The category of gardens and landscaped spaces received a 94.2 percent rating as somewhat or very popular. Outdoor living spaces, defined as kitchens and entertainment spaces, were second most popular at 92.0 percent. Outdoor recreation came in third at 75.8 percent.

Across all categories, 98.3 percent of respondents rated lighting as somewhat or very in-demand for 2014, followed by seating/dining areas (97.7 percent), fire pits/fireplaces (95.4 percent), grills (94.3 percent) and installed seating (89.6 percent), which include benches, seatwalls, ledges, steps, and boulders.

“Homeowners know that designed landscapes add value to their lives as well as their property values,” said ASLA Executive Vice President and CEO Nancy Somerville, Hon. ASLA. “They’re interested in livable, open spaces that are both stylish and earth friendly.” For additional information:


Well-designed indoor rooms typically build off one element — a sofa or piece of art, for example — which gives the eye something to land on; the rest of the furnishings and accents support that piece. That same principle applies to outdoor living spaces. Here, an extensive pond becomes the central gathering point, providing a spot to arrange furniture and orient views.






Patio Furniture

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Patios are commonly used as an outdoor extension of a home’s indoor living room — complete with lounge furniture, a dining table and chairs and mood lighting. Depending on your style, your patio can be decorated to function as a place for cookouts and fancy soirees or a tranquil space to relax.

Patio furniture can help you relax comfortably in your outdoor space — if you plan it right. When contemplating furnishings for your patio, keep these things in mind:

  • Scale the Furnishings to the Space: One enormous couch in an area designed for a table and chairs will probably end up being a traffic hazard. Make sure that the furnishings you choose for your patio keep the space open and easy to move around in.
  • Avoid Being an Eyesore: Even though you have a lot of latitude when designing your patio, if you can see it from the front of the house, make an effort to keep the style consistent with the prevailing architecture.
  • Keep It All-weather: Keep your patio looking good for longer than a season or two by choosing furniture that’s built to last outdoors. The fiber fillers in outdoor furniture cushions repel moisture and resist mildew, and the fabrics are UV-protected.


    Design Remix, Inc. Babylon Village, LI

    Umbrella: This back-porch classic is both decorative and functional and will give diners a shady respite during mealtimes. For nighttime parties, drape garden lights inside an umbrella for added ambiance.

    While patios serve as a relaxing living space for homeowners, Mother Nature can often sweep in as an uninvited guest, ruining a day or evening outdoors with high temperatures or rain. To shield yourself from storms and the sun’s harmful rays, consider adding a retractable awning or umbrella to your patio space. The shade that these coverings offer will allow you and your family to enjoy your patio comfortably regardless if it’s hotter than blazes or raining cats and dogs. You’ll have several options depending on your budget and the size of your patio. Such as:

    Retractable awning: This modern shelter allows you to shade your porch and keep it dry during a storm, but you can also retract it to enjoy the sun’s rays.

    Sail shades: They’re flexible enough that you can attach them to anything from the side of a house to a tree, and they come in many sizes, shapes and colors to fit any budget and style.


  • Outdoor kitchens are currently all the rage!

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    A small barbeque party with the family and few close friends on a Saturday afternoon would definitely be a perfect gathering for your outdoor living space. However, it can get quite tiring if you have to go back and forth from your house to your lawn just to get the food and utilities.

    An outside kitchen will give you easy access to the grill, stove, ingredients, utensils, and other kitchen needs. You won’t have to miss out on the punch line of a good story anymore just because you needed that few minutes to go to the indoor kitchen and grab a few things.

    Anyone whose eaten barbecue fresh off the grill knows the allure of outdoor cooking. Everything seems to taste better that way, too. Add the advantage of keeping all the heat, grease and humidity that comes with cooking outside your home, and the prospect of an open air kitchen seems downright mouthwatering.

    Adding Personality

    Fun entertaining ideas with Design Remix, Inc. Brookville, LI

    Outdoor living should appeal to the senses and help relax and refresh you. Small accents, such assculpture or water features, can do wonders to make outdoor living spaces feel dynamic and interesting.

    A stream with its own bridge or a pond, birdbath or fountain will supply you with the soothing sound and sparkle of water that’ll put you in touch with nature.

    When dealing with outdoor spaces, texture is your friend. Lattice work, pots made of unusual materials like hyper tufa, bamboo curtains and wrought iron all help create an interesting mood. Even ferns when juxtaposed with sturdier broad leaf plants will offer a filigree of green that’s eye-catching and memorable.

    Lavish color is also always an enhancement to outdoor spaces, too. If you’re dealing with a plainconcrete slab, brighten it up with painted benches and some colorful throw pillows.

    Be bold with color

    When we think of putting up a resemblance of a living room outside, neutral colors would immediately come to mind—pieces of furniture and other accessories that come in black or anything with earth tones. These colors would, however, only look good indoors.

    Orange decor stands out against earth tones Design Remix, Inc.

    Outdoors, earth tones would blend easily with the surroundings as they closely match the grass and the trees. Black, although chic and classy, would be impractical as it absorbs so much heat from the sun. Instead, choose pieces of furniture and accessories that come in bold colors. These will make them stand out more from the earth-colored environment, and give more life to your outdoors.


    Spruce up your patio by adding flowers, potted plants and other foliage to your outdoor space. A simple herb garden can double as patio greenery, and it’ll be easy to maintain, too. Visit your local garden center and ask which varieties of plants thrive in your area. Cacti and succulents do well in warm, dry conditions, and other popular patio flowers, like pansies, are best potted in rich soil and kept outside during warmer months.

    Be creative with the plants you choose, and combine various colors and textures in a single pot to make a unique arrangement. Use pots in various shapes and sizes, and recycle unused household items, like wooden crates and metal washtubs to serve as new homes for your arrangements. Instead of displaying plants on a traditional plant stand, place them on the steps of an old wooden ladder or inside an antique high chair to create height. Your patio space will be green, lively and have a personality all its own.


  • We enjoy staging outdoor living spaces, it gives us a sense of freedom to have fun and work outside the box! No matter the size of your yard, you can create outdoor living spaces that will work for you or attract prospective buyers! Be bold, creative and utilize the space you have! Happy outdoors!
  • Stay tuned for more staging projects! We are currently working with homes on the water. Coastal themes and the sound of water has always brought a source of tranquility and relaxation to anyone who would stop and listen. It brings a sense of peace after a hard days work or inspiration for when you are working on a project that requires creativity.